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Everything you need to know about setting up you and your team for remote working


Remote access for small teams and individuals who want to easily, and securely work remotely. This 30 second video gives a quick overview of remote computer access with Splashtop Business Access.

Splashtop Business Access - The Best Remote Desktop Access Solution
Splashtop Business Access - The Best Remote Desktop Access Solution

Detailed Feature List – See all the features included in the Solo and Pro versions of Splashtop Business Access.
Datasheet – General overview of Splashtop Business Access. Learn more about the benefits of using Splashtop to work remotely.


This 17 minute video shows you how to set up Splashtop Business Access, how to remotely access & control a computer, how to customize streamer settings & the deployment package, how to add users to your team, and how to manage your account in the web console.

Splashtop Business Access Demo Video
Splashtop Business Access Demo Video


Business Access Guide
Getting Started Guide
For those considering Splashtop Business Access or just starting their trial. Everything you need to know about getting started with Splashtop Business Access, and all the tools and features at your disposal.
Business Access Resources
Resource Guide
For those who have already started their trial or subscription. Get yourself (and your team) set up under your main account. Learn how to manage users and devices, adjust streamer settings, create & share deployment links, and edit security settings.


  • Getting Started – Learn more about user roles, team settings, streamer settings, and get help installing and setting up.
  • Account – Everything you need to know about your Splashtop account, including signup information, security settings, subscription and billing info, and SSO options.
  • Popular Features – Take advantage of these productivity enhancing features, including drag-and-drop file transfer, session recording, chat, remote print, remote reboot, multi-monitor support, and more.
  • User & Device Management – Learn more and managing and grouping all users and devices in your account from the Splashtop web console.
  • Troubleshooting – Answers and troubleshooting tips to common questions.
  • Official Announcements – Upcoming features, fixes, and other important announcements.

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