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Solve Your Family's Computer Problems with Remote Access

By Splashtop Team
4 minute read


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It’s the holiday season, which means time with family. For anyone with tech-challenged family members, that means weeks or even months of saved-up questions and problems to be solved. You don't want to cut them off from the outside world, but you also don’t want to spend your whole visit dealing with their tech to-do list.

What if we told you there’s a way to solve their computer problems, remotely, all year round? You can reclaim your time and your holiday cheer with Splashtop remote access.

A remote access solution allows you to problem-solve with—or for—your parents in real-time. This puts a stop to the confusing and often unpleasant phone calls where someone tries to explain to you what’s going wrong without the language to make themselves understood.

While some operating systems offer built-in remote access options, there are holiday-saving reasons to use a tool like Splashtop, instead.

Oops, Grandma Uses a Different Operating System

When your family all uses similar devices, it can be easy to help because both Windows and Mac have built-in remote access tools. But what happens when your grandma refuses to switch systems, because she’s used to the one she’s had since the 90s? A dedicated remote access tool, like Splashtop, enables you to access family devices across multiple operating systems and brands.

Put Yourself in the Driver's Seat with Remote Access

If you’ve ever tried to talk dad through an issue over FaceTime, you’ve probably wished you could just operate the device yourself. With remote access to his computer, you can! No more, “Turn the camera around so I can see the screen,” “Wait, move back up - I needed to see that,” or, “No, no, you need to click the button at the bottom of the screen. The bottom!” When you have access to his computer, you can see exactly what you need to see and click exactly where you need to click.

You don’t even have to be on a computer. Splashtop allows you to remotely access Windows PCs and Macs from your smartphone, tablet, or another computer. All you have to do is install the Splashtop app on the devices you want to access. Check out this Splashtop Business Access Demo to see just how easy it is to get started.

Convenient Splashtop features include:

  • Remote Print

  • Secure File Transfer

  • Group View

  • Robust Security

Added Bonus: You can access your own computer over the holidays from any device too!

In an Emergency

In some situations, remote access with an unattended access option is more than just a convenience. Let’s say you’ve been handed power of attorney for an uncle. Without remote access you’d have a long drive and a desperate attempt to find the right password for his account. With remote access, you can access his computer on your own device in five minutes. From there you can log into his bank account and keep his mortgage up to date.

Splashtop comes with built-in security features like MFA to ensure that only you (and authorized users) can access the remote computer. Your security is our top priority.

When the Scammers and Hackers Come Calling

We’re living in a world where scammers prey on not just the tech-illiterate, but anyone and everyone. And yes, a remote access solution can even help safeguard your parents against some of those scams. When you have remote access to their computer, you can install a virus blocker and securely share important files directly with them instead of via email or a USB. With cybercrime on the rise in general, it’s important to ensure the security of your loved ones.

Excellent Customer Service (For When YOU Need Support)

As family tech support, you know that sometimes things don’t work as intended and you need some extra help too. When that happens, you want a well-supported product with easy-to-reach customer service. Splashtop is here for you with best-in-class customer support. We’ll help you through any issue and have you back to drinking eggnog in no time.

Give Your Family (and Yourself) The Gift of Remote Access

Even when your parents or other family members are fairly tech-savvy, they still look to you for support when they have a problem. As handy as “have you tried turning off and on again” is, sometimes the issue is more advanced. For everything from file sharing to remote printing, Splashtop has you covered. Save everyone the headache this year and give your family the gift of remote access.

Save yourself the headache this holiday season, try Splashtop Business Access today!

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