Get agentless access to systems

  • Users don’t need a VPN connection or to be connected to the same network to access a computer.
  • Users get agentless access to Windows, Linux, and Mac systems by installing Splashtop on a machine on the same network.
  • IT admins can remotely support computers on internal networks that may not have internet access or not allow a 3rd party app to be installed for remote access.
  • Multiple concurrent users can connect to the same computer and have their own individual desktop sessions with RDS/terminal servers.
  • Users can access only a specific program remotely rather than connecting to a full remote desktop.
Get agentless access to systems

Advantages of Splashtop Connector

Easy to Deploy
Install the Splashtop Connector on a single machine within the closed network to act as a bridge or jump point, enabling all the other computers on the same network to be accessible via RDP and VNC.

Simplified Workflow
IT admins can pre-configure profiles for computers accessible via Connector. Users can access these systems straight from the Splashtop Business App from any computer, without having to use a VPN or RDP client.

Security & Compliance
Remote connections are more secure when you route RDP through Splashtop across networks, without VPN tunnels or RD gateways. Only users with proper access permissions will be able to connect to the resource. All connections are logged, with IP whitelist/blacklist and session recording available.

Fast and reliable connections that make you feel as if you were sitting in front of the remote computer, with productivity enhancing capabilities including multi-monitor support, file transfer, remote printing, and more.

Add-On Splashtop Connector to Splashtop Enterprise

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  • Splashtop Enterprise

  • All-in-on remote access & support solution
  • Support unlimited devices on-demand

    Anytime unattended remote computer access


    SSO/SAML integration
    Service desk
    Unattended Android access
    Remote computer management features

Learn more about what you can do with Splashtop Connector, and check out the Splashtop Connector support article.

Splashtop Connector Demo
Splashtop Connector Demo